Walmart International


At Wal-Mart International, we operate in 15 markets, but our focus is quite singular – deliver price leadership to customers. “Save money, live better” may translate into many languages where Wal-Mart operates, but our message behind the mission is universal.

We continue to build on the strategic framework that has driven consistent growth. For Wal-Mart to continue to win in all markets, it is essential that each format is focused on the every day low cost – every day low price (EDLC-EDLP) strategy. Customers around the world are looking for value. Our country leaders are focused on continuing to improve productivity and managing costs that enable price leadership.

We continue to learn from successes across countries and apply best practices to fine-tune product offerings, store formats and price points to meet our customers' needs. This has enabled many of our countries to grow sales faster than the overall growth of their respective markets – evidence that our strategy of winning in every market is working.

Clearly, helping customers save money is leading to increased sales, increased profit and improved return on investment, or ROI, for our Wal-Mart International businesses. Improving ROI starts with profitable growth and is aided by our capital efficiency focus. We also are building stores that require less capital, and that further adapt to our customers' needs.

Another area improving returns is our private brands. As we expand private brands around the world, we provide price leadership and value to our customers. Extra Special, for example, has long been a well-recognized brand at ASDA in the United Kingdom. Extra Special is now sold in Superama supermarkets in Mexico. Since 1993, Great Value® has been a recognized Walmart brand in the United States. Customers in many of our international markets also find the Great Value® brand on their grocery shelves, and they appreciate the savings and quality that it offers.

As we strengthen our global sourcing and procurement capabilities, we are dedicated to improving product quality, sustainability, and leveraging our scale to achieve lower costs – a positive for both customers and shareholders.

Our associates are proud to be part of the Wal-Mart family and are obsessed with serving our customers. When we deliver both service and value, customers trust us more.

It is our leaders' responsibility to make sure associates understand how the Wal-Mart values and culture translate to that level of trust, to their personal performance in serving customers and to the Company's overall success. Respect for the individual, for example, leads to better customer service by creating a sense of urgency and strengthening listening skills. When associates embrace this concept, we are successful. The expansion of the Wal-Mart culture around the world is truly a case of leading by example.

Sam Walton set those examples himself as he lived with respect and integrity. These values help us deliver on our goal to improve returns in every market where we operate.