Our culture. Our associates.

"The culture of our company can work among the cultures of every country."
– Mike Duke, president and CEO, Walmart

Our Walmart culture is driven by our common purpose – saving people money so they can live better. It is how we run our business and treat our customers, communities and each other. It helps us establish priorities and guides the decisions we make in our daily work life. Woven into every facet of our business, our culture ensures that we get the right results the right way. It makes us special and sets us apart from the competition. It appeals to people everywhere, in cultures around the world.


The foundation of our culture is integrity. A strong commitment to integrity is the right way to do business and is how we earn the trust and respect that is critical to our success. Our customers trust us to be their advocate. Our suppliers trust us to be an equitable partner. As Walmart associates, we trust each other to uphold the highest standards of conduct every day.

Three basic beliefs

Our three basic beliefs build on our foundation of integrity: You see and feel our culture when these three basic beliefs come to life.

Respect for the individual

While our backgrounds and personal beliefs may be very different, we are united in our belief that every associate matters. We embrace and respect differences, develop our associates and serve our customers and communities. We encourage those around us to express their thoughts and ideas. Treating customers, suppliers and our fellow associates fairly and with compassion is the most basic form of respect.

Service to our customers

We can exceed our customers' expectations if we give them superior service at every opportunity, provide the quality products they want at low prices and create a friendly, efficient shopping experience. When we exceed their expectations, we are at our best.

Striving for excellence

We are proud of our accomplishments but are never satisfied. By setting high expectations and continually raising the bar, we ensure that we get better every day. We embrace change and constantly reach further to bring new ideas and goals to life. We seek out and provide opportunities for others to share their knowledge and to learn through experience. We never stop learning or helping others to learn, and together we use this to improve every day.