Our sustainability commitments

"There will be no part of this company, anywhere in the world, that doesn't contribute to making Walmart more sustainable."
– Mike Duke, president and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

We must continue to challenge ourselves

October 24, 2005 was a defining day in the history of Walmart. Our then President and CEO Lee Scott launched our sustainability program with three clear and aspirational goals:

• Be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy
• Create zero waste
• Sell products that sustain people and the environment

These three broad goals are at the heart of Walmart's sustainability efforts. In addition, we have dozens of specific objectives with timelines and benchmarks by which we, and the world, can measure our progress. As we have progressed toward these goals, we have seen that the greatest strengths in our business are our associates, suppliers, customers and nongovernmental and governmental partners. We also recognize that our size and scale are tools for positive change.

Being an efficient and profitable business and being a good steward of the environment are goals that work together. When we talk about becoming a more sustainable company, we talk about investing our resources – people, time and money – into meeting our customers' needs and expectations to ensure their support for years to come. We are doing this by maximizing opportunities to have a positive impact on the environment and the communities we touch.

Some of the biggest challenges facing the world right now are poverty and hunger, global population growth and resource management conservation. We cannot become complacent. We must continue to challenge ourselves and raise expectations. The programs and progress highlighted in this report are incremental steps toward the accomplishment of our aspirational goals. Continually finding new ways to eliminate waste, increase efficiency and support our communities and suppliers is essential to our business model and the responsibilities we fully embrace.

Together, we are building the Next Generation Walmart.

Sustainability 360

Sustainability 360 takes a comprehensive view of our business by engaging more than 100,000 suppliers, 2 million associates and hundreds of millions of customers around the world in our efforts. Sustainability 360 lives in every corner of our business – from associate job descriptions to our interactions with suppliers – and guides our decisions based on improving the environment, supply chain and communities where we operate and source.

Sustainable Value Networks

Our Sustainable Value Networks (SVNs) help integrate sustainable practices into all parts of our business.

Developing solutions – together

SVNs bring together leaders from our company, supplier companies, academia, government and NGOs. Together, we explore challenges and develop solutions to benefit our business, as well as our local and global communities.

Positive changes

Our SVNs have unleashed a wealth of innovation and insight, resulting in numerous positive changes to our business operations and on the environment. We have become more energy efficient, reduced waste and increased the introduction of environmentally preferred products. However, we realize we have more steps ahead.

Be supplied 100% renewable energy
Create Zero Waste
sustainable products

Sustainability 360%

Sustainable value networks

Walmart sustainability timeline

Walmart Sustainability Timeline