We all share a common goal: to make the best choices for ourselves and our families. Walmart recognizes this. Globally, we provide more than 1.6 million associates and their dependents with competitively priced health insurance plans.

U.S. health plans

We listen to the needs of our associates and strive to provide the resources and programs that support the well being of them and their families. Highlights include:

  • Our lowest-cost, full-coverage plan is $15.40 per pay period for associates and $52.50 for families.
  • All full-time and most part-time associates are eligible to enroll in a health plan once they have completed a waiting period*.
  • Most of our health plans provide first-dollar coverage of $250 for associates and $500 for families.
  • All of our plans exceed the affordability and coverage requirements in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
  • Associates enrolled in our medical plan that need organ transplants are provided access to the Mayo Clinic for assessment and the transplant. This benefit also covers travel, lodging and a daily allowance for the recipient and a caregiver for required evaluations.

With our plans for 2012, it is important to keep in mind the following:

  • We continue to pay the majority of the costs for associates' health care.
  • Although eligibility rules have changed for new associates, there is no eligibility impact to currently enrolled U.S. associates.

* New full-time associates are eligible for benefi ts after six months, while part-time associatesare eligible after one year of service and if they work an average of 30 hours per week. Part-timeassociates hired prior to Feb. 1, 2012, were grandfathered under the old requirements, meaningthey had to average 24 hours of work a week, and associates hired before Jan. 15, 2011, weregrandfathered under the old requirements.

Walmart U.S. benefits program highlights:

  • First dollar coverage medical plans with no lifetime maximum and low premiums
  • Comprehensive health care plan for less than $8 per week *
  • A 401(k) Plan with a dollar for dollar match up to 6 percent of annual pay
  • A 10 percent discount on most products throughout our stores
  • Maternity wellness, including a coach from the Walmart's Life with Baby maternity benefit

Keeping healthy

Each of our U.S. medical plans offers preventive care, including check-ups, immunizations and mammograms, for those who enroll and use a doctor in network. Associates enrolled in any U.S. healthcare plan have access to comprehensive preventive care coverage before meeting the annual deductible, $4 co-pays on many eligible generic drugs and access to Resources for Living, a confidential counseling and well-being information service.

Quit Tobacco

One of our newest initiatives is Quit Tobacco, an effort to help associates quit using tobacco. Since its introduction in January 2011, more than 20,000 associates and family members have participated. This program is free to associates and family members, and includes telephone counseling, online coaching and tools for support, and nicotine replacement therapy for smokers who are on the Walmart Medical Plan. In addition, associates who are tobacco free receive reduced premiums on their 2012 medical, life and critical illness coverage.

Financial benefits for U.S. associates

Financial benefits for our full- and part-time U.S. associates include retirement, bonus incentives and Associate Stock Purchase Plans. We match contributions made to associates' 401(k) plans dollar-for-dollar up to 6 percent of annual pay, as well as to the Associate Stock Purchase Plan by matching up to 15 percent of the first $1,800 purchased each plan year. Since the matching contribution was introduced, the number of associates who chose to save for their retirement through the U.S. 401(k) plan increased by 42.5 percent.

Employee discounts

In 13 countries, we provide a discount program for full- and part-time associates on purchases in our stores, ranging from 5 to 10 percent. Discounted categories vary from country to country, and some provide additional discounts during the holidays. For example, over the past three years, we have provided U.S. associates a 10 percent discount on all products for the Christmas holidays. To align with our commitment to healthy living, our U.S. associates also receive a 10 percent discount on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Massmart HIV/AIDS program

Approximately 11 percent of the South African population is HIV positive (5.7 million people), including 18 percent of people 15 to 49 years old. To address this critical issue, Massmart offers a comprehensive HIV/AIDS management program to its associates that includes:

  • Free HIV testing and treatment
  • Free antiretrovirals (for infected permanent staff and spouses)
  • Access to peer counseling
  • Access to a variety of education initiatives

Since 2011, the number of Massmart associates tested for HIV has increased by 156 percent, while 87 percent of our HIV-positive staff is enrolled in our comprehensive program.