Making a difference

"There will be no part of this company, anywhere in the world, that doesn't contribute to making Walmart more sustainable."

Mike Duke, president and CEO, Walmart

Leslie Dach

EVP Corporate Affairs, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Sustainability 360

Sustainability 360 takes a comprehensive view of our business by engaging more than 100,000 suppliers, 2.2 million associates and hundreds of millions of customers around the world in our efforts. Sustainability 360 lives in every corner of our business — from associate job descriptions to our interactions with suppliers.

For example, in 2011, we launched the social initiative Walmart Institute Caravan in Brazil. More than 230 people in six Brazilian states gathered to discuss the importance of social mobilization actions and acknowledge those who foster such actions, while encouraging the creation of new initiatives in the area.

One year prior, the Walmart Canada Green Business Summit spawned ShareGreen.ca, a website dedicated to sharing case studies of sustainability-minded business practices that have successfully demonstrated return on investment. This tool is open to everyone and continues to grow in both content and popularity.

These are just a few examples in two of the markets we serve around the world. Sustainability 360 guides our decisions based on improving the environment, supply chain and communities, everywhere we operate and source.

Sustainable Value Networks

At Walmart, we utilize Sustainable Value Networks (SVN) to help integrate sustainable practices into all parts of our business.

As we have learned and made progress, we have continued to redesign the SVN structure to better fit and support our progress. Our SVNs bring together leaders from our company, supplier companies, academia, government and NGOs. Together, we explore challenges and develop solutions to benefit our business, as well as our local and global communities.

Our nine SVNs are currently overseen by a pair of councils, charged with recognizing progress, evaluating future direction and aligning new goals.

    Operations Council SVN

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Operations Waste and Recycling

    Sustainable Products Council SVN

  • Index
  • Packaging
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Chemical Intensive Products
  • 20 Million Metric Tons Product GHG

Each of our SVNs has contributed a wealth of innovation and insight, resulting in numerous positive changes to our business operations and on the environment. We have become more energy efficient, reduced waste and increased the introduction of environmentally preferred products.