Stakeholder engagement

We are committed to engaging all of our stakeholders, both internally and externally, to become the most sustainable, responsible company we can. By listening to, partnering with and considering the perspectives of our associates, customers, shareholders, academic leaders, government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and even our competitors, we are truly saving our customers money so they can live better.

Our engagement with each stakeholder group differs and, in an effort to adapt to changing needs and issues, continues to evolve. As we pursue our corporate sustainability goals, we intend to further strengthen these relationships. Together, we are establishing transparency and enhancing our relevancy with the customers and communities we serve.

We have created more formal channels for interacting with stakeholders both to learn from their expertise and to provide a forum for them to provide us with feedback.

Key stakeholders


Regular communications and engagement, via channels including our site, monthly associate magazine, Associate Opinion Surveys and the open door. Based upon hire date, each associate, globally, is also eligible to receive a performance evaluation annually.


Daily engagement with customers in our stores and clubs, and through select social media outlets, including our new sustainability blog, We also conduct customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis.


Regular meetings with NGOs to find common solutions in order for our efforts to exceed anything we could achieve alone. We discuss strategy development, execution and best practice sharing.


Quarterly and annual financial reporting, annual meeting of shareholders, periodic individualized mailings and conference calls between senior management, investors and/or analysts and rating firms. In addition, we hold three full-day interactive meetings with the investment community each year to discuss company strategies.


Regularly engage with suppliers to promote and institute sustainability solutions. Major projects from 2011 include Sustainability Index, Supply Chain GHG program and Sustainable Agriculture.

Stakeholder forums

Sustainable Value Networks (SVN)

Our SVNs are teams of associates, suppliers, academic leaders, government, NGOs and others who help us better understand sustainability challenges and create market-based solutions.

Live Greener Working Group (LGWG)

The LGWG is a group of NGOs that Walmart collaborates with monthly to make progress in areas including climate change, poverty and resource degradation. We are proud of our part in this new movement of cooperation between companies and environmentalists. It makes all of us better and stronger.

My Sustainability Plan (MSP)

Through MSP, associates make voluntary commitments to improve their health, environment, communities and lives, which often inspire solutions toward our corporate sustainability goals. We provide structure and resources to help associates achieve their sustainability goals.

Multistakeholder collaborations

We actively support industry efforts to drive sustainability in consumer goods supply chains. These efforts, like The Sustainability Consortium, Retail Industry Leaders Association and Consumer Goods Forum, allow us to collaborate with and engage our suppliers and competitors in industry-wide sustainability initiatives

Stakeholders are encouraged to learn more about Walmart's corporate responsibility by going to our website at In addition, we encourage people to contact us at

Currency exchange

Foreign currency conversions have been made using the average exchange rate from Feb. 1, 2011—Jan. 31, 2012. As a global company, we highlight the performance of our global markets, as well as the efforts taking place throughout our supply chain.

Report structure

Structure of report was based on the company's pillars for sustainability. The social and environmental indicators were obtained by internal survey and checks without the participation of external auditing.

Customer Communications

Our legal department verifies that Walmart's advertising campaigns are in compliance with applicable consumer protection laws, advertising regulations and industry self-regulatory guidelines.