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Associates around the world are the backbone of our company. Without their constant input, feedback, involvement and pushback, our business would simply be unsustainable. We recognize the value they bring to our company, and we understand that our success depends on them. This knowledge serves as our guide as we work to develop and maintain a work environment and opportunities that encourage them to remain – and grow – with us.

We place a premium on building an environment where Associates are treated with respect, where they have the opportunity to climb as high as they want to go within our company, and where they can become eligible for benefits that not only meet their needs, but also allow them to share in our company’s accomplishments. This means promoting a culture in which individuals from every background and walk of life have the chance to grow and succeed, and providing the kind of development opportunities that enable hourly Associates to ascend to positions of leadership within our company. In sum, it’s about allowing each of the 1.9 million Wal-Mart Associates around the globe to achieve his or her full potential in a way that opens the door to career opportunities, builds our business and better serves our customers around the world.